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Do you have an Item limit for consignors?

No, we currently do not have an item limit for our consignors. However, we encourage you to bring your best items so that you sell a high percentage of your things. A consignor who brings 75 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 100 items that are poor quality and marked too high.

What are my consignor options regarding printing barcode labels to stick onto my tags?

We will print them for you free of charge. You will bring your items to the event on Check-In Day and place the printed labels on your tags in the store. Your items will be GUARANTEED against any damage or loss. We pride ourselves on our Rhea Lana Difference!

What kind of items are you accepting for this event? What kinds of items are you accepting at this event?

This will be our SPRING/SUMMER EVENT. We will NOT accept winter coats or boots or Christmas/Halloween items. THINK warm weather clothing. We will sell jeans and jackets, but short sets, summer dresses, Easter outfits and short sleeves will be our best sellers. We accept clothing sizes Newborn - Juniors. Junior girls up to size 15 and XL tops. Women's Ccothing will NOT be accepted. Boys sizes up to 32 waist and Men's medium shirts.

Can I bring my husband or mother with me to the Pre-Sale?

YES!! We allow workers and consignors to bring one immediate family member with them to the Pre-Sale to help them shop. This includes your husband or mother, not your best friend. You will need to bring your pass to enter. You will also receive a guest pass you can give to your friend & meet them at the Guest Sale later in the evening.

How should I price my items?

We suggest you set the price at 30% of the retail value of the item. Baby Equipment, Furniture and Large Indoor/Outdoor Toys usually sell for more and are in high demand. We have an abundance of 0-6 month sizes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell. Maternity and Junior clothing are not shopped as heavily, so price these competitively, also. Please check out the pricing guide available on this website for tips.

Can I use wire hangers?

NO, please do not use wire hangers. Clothes DO NOT stay on wire hangers during our busy shopping time, and your items will not be purchased if they are on the floor. **Use children's plastic hangers for sizes 10 and below. Use larger plastic hangers for sizes 12 and above. You can use any plastic hanger you have received from a store (like Old Navy or Target) No wire hangers, please!

How do I secure small pieces with toys or equipment?

Place them in a ziploc bag and then seal the ziploc with clear packing tape. This is important!

When I price items in a ziploc bag, how do I attach the price tag?

First, be sure to stick the bar code label to the correct size string tag. Do not stick it directly onto the bag. Then attach the string tag securely to the bag with a safety pin or packing tape. The exception is shoes, where we ask that you attach the string tag to the shoes in the ziploc bag.

How do I carry my clothes while I am shopping?

We suggest you bring a laundry basket or tote, a large shopping bag, or a stroller. All large bags will need to be checked at the door.

What if my item is not worth your minimum price guideline of $3.00?

If it meets our "excellence quality" standards, then group it together with one or two more like items. Pin them together on a hanger, or group them in a ziploc bag and put one price for the entire group.

Should I iron my clothes?

Wrinkled clothes do not sell! Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the better they sell!

Will you be accepting cribs at this event? Will you be accepting cribs?

Due to recall regulations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we will not be accepting ANY drop side cribs. We will NOT accept any cribs manufactured before Dec 31, 2010. For cribs manufactured between Dec 31, 2010, and June 28, 2011, we can accept them if they have a certificate of compliance and have not been recalled. For cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011, we can accept them if they have not been recalled.

Do you sell furniture?

Yes. We accept children's furniture items such as cribs (no drop side cribs please), changing tables, children's beds, dressers and more. Most of the furniture displayed in the Furniture Nook is sold in the first two days of the sale! You may also consign household furniture if pre-approved by Angela at

How can my local business or non-profit get involved?

We have sponsorship opportunities at affordable prices for those of you who want to reach your target market - moms with families. We distribute Customer Appreciation Goody Bags. We offer website sponsorships, and more. Contact us for complete information. In addition, one of the most fulfilling things we do after our event is donate lovely children's items to non-profit organizations, who give them directly to children and families in need. At Rhea Lana's, we are moms who love helping moms. If you have any questions, please contact Angela at